Dr. Michelle Passmore, conscious Chiropractor

I first fell in love with the Chiropractic philosophy, compelled by its respect for the body’s incredible capacity to self-heal. The discovery of Network Spinal came later while studying Chiropractic. NSA helped me personally in so many ways- I had very low energy, was sick more often than not and struggled to be happy and engage socially- things that had previously been effortless for me. The significant changes that happened for me in my first few months of receiving NSA shone so much light on how connected my Body, Emotions and Mind are- and my path as a Chiropractor was carved before me.

I have studied with the founder of Network Spinal Analysis, Dr. Donald Epstein, since 2005 to develop Mastery and be certified at the highest level.

My desire is to help you consciously dissolve stress and fear so you can return to your Original Essence, unleash your Inner Radiance and Power, and to live an Energised life congruent with your true nature.

As well as seeing clients each week in my Fremantle office, I also run various workshops, lectures and retreats both locally and internationally.

jaci taylor, deep restorative healer

My clients experience their bodies aligning to balance and pains dissolving. Feeling nourished, renewed and resourced and feeling more connected to their body.   

With me as your practitioner you will be held in a state of deep relaxation and restoration. Our sessions together will:

  • Assist your body and mind to release aches and pains related to injury or chronic condition

  • Open space for any emotional processing to settle and integrate

  • Increase your ability to connect with your overall health physically, emotionally and psychologically

  • Guide you to find a deep spacious stillness within yourself. 

The modalities I am equipped with include Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Subtle Energetics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Body Scan Meditation, Body Awareness Exercises, Embodiment Practices and Yoga. I studied with Patricia Farnsworth at the Craniosacral Academy of Australia and have done professional training with Body Intelligence. I am also a qualified Birth Doula and have extensive experience with babies, children and adults. 


Deirdre Kelly, trauma release (TRE) practitioner

David Berceli’s Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) are based on a very simple concept; the human nervous system has a natural and innate way of recovering from stress and trauma – if we don’t suppress it. TRE safely activates this natural reflex mechanism of shaking, resulting in the release of muscular tension and encouraging our nervous system to return to a state of balance. The muscle vibrations not only feel physically soothing, they also help to increase resiliency and feelings of peace and well-being. TRE is an empowering and liberating tool for healing as it is self-taught, self-administrated and self- regulated.

I first explored TRE to assist her recovery from exercise and injury, but found it to be so beneficial, that I have incorporated it as part of my regular holistic health practice. My goal is to help you get to know your body better and enable you to practice TRE on your own and at your own pace.


lina butenschoen, neuroscientist & practice manager

I regard the body as an integration of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My background in Neuroscience and Anatomy has given me an understanding of our inner and outer connectedness and of our innate ability to heal ourselves on all levels of being to come into our authenticity. How we relate to others begins with our relationship to ourselves, and I believe NSA facilitates and strengthens this.

My interests lie in language and communication, mind-body healing, counselling and expressive therapy. I am currently studying a Master of Counselling and I’m here to support our Practice Members on their healing paths with empathy, presence and laughter.